How You Can Become a Millionaire CASHFLOWNAIRE

WARNING: This video is a scene from The Gambler move. It contains adult language.

The glorious position of F-You is a position of financial strength.

Here's how I define it:

  • You're not dependent upon anyone for anything.

  • You never have to work for money. This doesn't mean you won't work. It simply means you don't HAVE to work.

  • You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. In other words, you have time freedom.

If you lived in this position of financial strength, would you be happy?

Damn straight, you'd be happy.

You'd be happy because you would own your life. You would have complete control over your time. You would only work when you wanted to work, doing work you truly enjoyed doing.

This is the real secret to happiness.

The position of F-You is 100% about autonomy: Freedom from external control or influence; independence.

Where you don't have to run off to work six days a week. You don't have to climb the corporate ladder. You don't have to kiss up to anyone hoping for a promotion, bonus or a big raise. You don't have to sweat the big sale. You don't have to wear a suite and tie. You don't have to inch along through rush hour traffic twice a day.

You can move into the position of F-You by focusing one main goal: INCREASE YOUR MONTHLY CASHFLOW. (Yes, I know cash flow is technically two words.)


If you had a large cashflow flowing in every month, would you have to continue trading away your precious time for money?

No, you wouldn't.

Study the little chart below and you'll see how powerful monthly cashflow can be in your life:

The average person wants to be a millionaire.

How long do you have to work and save in order to have your million dollars? How much of your life do you have to trade away before you can finally enjoy your time?

Wouldn't it be a lot faster and easier to just focus on increasing your monthly cashflow?

That's why you should become a Cashflownaire!

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I learned what I just shared with you the hard way.

The main goal I pursued 24/7 when I was younger was to build a $5,000,000 net worth.

I worked my ass off, built two large businesses, owned a large portfolio of rental real estate... and I was very close to hitting my number when the 2008 market crash hit.

Within the span of just 12 months, my large net worth disappeared.

Unfortunately, my massive level of debt, which I took on to hit my goal, didn't disappear. I ended up owing more than I was worth. :-(

This situation helped me see that what I really wanted was a large monthly cashflow.

I'm now on a crusade to help other people avoid the same costly mistake by helping them increase their monthly cashflow.

To your success!

-Rob Minton